DESIGN GOAL: create a welcoming entry that expresses a California aesthetic and functions as a watershed.

  • remove non-native plants
  • map out dry creek and select beautiful boulders/pebbles
  • plant California Natives to suit shade & sun

“When my hands are in the dirt and I’m growing something on the outside, I’m growing on the inside, too.”
— Geneva

Tending the Earth, Mending the Spirit

keywords: San Ramon, design-build, landscape, landscaping, open space, paver driveway, paver patio, paths, pathways, pebble, pathlights, boulders, California Natives, Native plants, low-water, drought-tolerant, California bentgrass, nomo lawn, Arctostaphylos, Amelanchier, Ceanothus, Cercis Occidentalis, Prunus Ilicifolia, Rhus Ovata, Quercus, Mahonia, Baccharis pilularis, gardenscape.