The three things that will drive your project are design, timeline, and budget. Our job is to help you get the best design possible with the features that are most important to you.

STEP ONE: a 10-minute phone chat. Most people have questions like…

  • What is the best way to organize my project?
  • How do I choose an installer?
  • How do I work with my HOA?
  • Which is better, pavers or concrete?
  • How can I update or build a pool?
  • What options do I have for shade?
  • How can I replace my lawn?
  • What does drought-tolerant really mean?
  • Which pergolas are best for my property?
  • Can I phase my project?
  • What am I going to spend?

STEP TWO: a complimentary site visit.

  • Cyn will walk the property with you and ask questions like…
  • How do you want to live in the space?
  • How can we use design and space planning to maximize utility?
  • Who will use the area — kids, adults, pets?
  • Would shade improve your outdoor living?
  • Where does the sunlight move?
  • Do you like gardening?
  • Where are the problem areas — broken hardscape, old decks, slopes, overgrown masses?
  • Are there existing features that can be updated or repurposed?
  • In a dream world, when would your new landscape be installed?

STEP THREE: design.

  • The cost of the design will be based on scope of project. Cyn will let you know during the walkthrough what that cost would be.
  • Occasionally, we are introduced to homeowners who already have a design. We are happy to review your plan with you, chat about hardscape materials, drainage, irrigation, plants, and make sure your project is “shovel-ready.”
  • The collaborative design process takes 2-3 weeks, allowing for a revision cycle.
  • After the design is finalized, Cyn will walk the project with you and the installer to establish project materials, phases, and costs.

STEP FOUR: installation.

  • Once everyone is in agreement, the homeowner signs an installation agreement and the project gets calendared.
  • Cyn will work with the installation team(s) throughout the project to make sure your design is installed as expected. She will also oversee the irrigation plan and program your system for your phone.
  • YesPlease.GARDEN supplies all of your CA native / drought-tolerant plants.
  • At the completion of your project, Cyn will join you for a final walkthrough. The words she will be listening for are “We love it!”

STEP FIVE: follow-up and check-in.

  • Cyn will return in 2 weeks to check on plants, irrigation, lighting, and any other follow-up details. In most cases, the plants supplied by YesPlease.GARDEN are guaranteed for 90 days following the installation.
  • For the other aspects of the project, we work with licensed installers who warranty their work.

We have great relationships in the community and are happy to provide references to homeowners who are serious about installing a project.

We seek clients who want to be close to nature and enjoy the process of creation and collaboration. If this aligns with your values, please tell us a little bit more about your landscape project… or just give us a call!