We Plant California Natives

We’ve planted thousands of California Natives in the California East Bay.

Each landscape is an expression of the tastes of the homeowner, the local microclimate, and the season it is installed.

We Rock

We love rock work. Rocks answer the question of how do you get from here to there. Paths, walkways, drainage solutions. Dry creek beds. Boundaries and delineations. We fix and refresh existing rockwork. We install from scratch.

Please, rock with us!

We Illuminate

We install lighting solutions. We prefer LED (better for the critters). Uplighting, pathlighting, and bollards.

We Irrigate

We install irrigation. Valves, bubblers, emitters, microsprays…

Each installation requires a custom solution to balance the needs of the plants with the source of its water and the habits and preferences of the homeowner.

We Visit Botanic Garden

An April adventure at Regional Parks Botanic Garden!

This 10-acre park in the Berkeley/Orinda/Oakland area is devoted to the collection, growth, display, and preservation of the native plants of California. There are representatives of about 300 taxa that are classified in the California Native Plant Society’s landmark study, Inventory of Rare and Endangered Vascular Plants of California.

This morning, the garden was ablaze with blooms of ceanothus, irises, woolly blue curls, mule’s ears! Birds sang. Butterflies fluttered. Lizards raced beneath our feet. We oohed and aahed as we wove around hefty boulders on hand-finished paths and climbed wire-encased steps to cross bridges that revealed slow-moving streams. Each structure played with the idea of guiding, revealing, balance and rhythm in the gardens.

What struck us as we tried to capture all five sense with our cameras was how the scale played with our attention. One moment, a vista commanded us to frame the view from field to sky, and then moments later, we were down on our knees, chasing butterflies and tiny tufts of violets or the unfurling frond of a western sword fern.

We can’t wait to weave some of these moments of inspiration into our next garden!